Breed Seminar and Assessment Day: 5th May 2012

The East Yorkshire and West Riding Clubs will jointly be hosting a Breed Seminar and A2 Assessment day on 5th May 2012 in Selby, N. Yorkshire. The speaker at the seminar will be Valerie Skinner (Ritterburg Wires), who will explain the current Breed Standard, conformation and movement, and judges’ responsibilities in relation to health and welfare.

The Breed Council’s written Assessment Paper can also be taken during the day and a “Pass” is one of the requirements for inclusion on the A2 or A3 Judging Lists.

For those people who have already judged 150 Dachshunds, there will be an opportunity to take an A2/A3 Assessment. This involves judging a “mock class” of Dachshunds and giving a verbal critique to the Assessors who will have already assessed the dogs. Candidates are also required to submit a written critique of the class placings. A “Pass” in the mock class will count as one of the three successful assessments needed for an A2/A3 application.

Anyone who wishes to attend the seminar and/or take the assessment should contact Katherine Herrington for further details. Tel: 01904 761903 or e-mail

Details of the Breed Council’s Judging List Criteria can be found here, together with a CV Application Form.