Annual Health Report 2011

The Breed Council’s third Annual Health Report has been published and is available as a download from our Health website.  Roger Sainsbury,  Chairman of the Health and Welfare Sub-committee introduces the report:

During the short time I have been Chairman of the Health and Welfare Sub-committee of the Dachshund Breed Council I have been particularly interested to see the progress being made in the control of inherited diseases of Dachshunds using genetic testing. Good progress is evident in the reduction of cord1 PRA in Mini Longhaired Dachshunds and progress has also been seen in Mini Smooths. Mini Wires were added to the scheme this year.

A start has also been made in Lafora’s Disease in Mini Wires and work has been carried out on Day Blindness in Wires and Distichiasis in Mini Longs. An investigation into the genetics of Intervertebral Disc Disease has also begun. This back problem is said to affect one in four Dachshunds, so is of great importance, although we don’t really know the actual number of Dachshunds involved.

We all wish to work towards improving further the overall health status of our Dachshunds. To be able to achieve this we really need more information on the incidence of disease conditions in our breed. During 2011 the Dachs-Life 2012 Health Survey was produced and from January 1st all Dachshund owners will be able to complete it for their dogs. I hope that as many as possible do this as the information gathered will supply much of the missing information which will be invaluable in enabling the Breed Council to move forward scientifically with the Breed Health Improvement Strategy.

We look forward to 2012 to see the results of the investigations started in 2011 and the Health Survey, which will put them into perspective and may supply further challenges to tackle.

I hope you find our third annual Health Report useful and informative.

Roger Sainsbury  BVM&S MRCVS

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