UK Dachshund Trials Club launches its website

Founded in 2011, this is a club for Dachshund owners interested in all of the skills locked away inside our dogs.

Dachshunds are a versatile hound breed and several hundred years of breeding in the modern Dachshund have given them great capabilities in areas such as tracking (following a scent trail) and going to ground (entering tunnels and confined spaces).

All are welcome at club events, show dog or family pet, pedigree Dachshund or crossbreed. Other breeds are equally welcome at club events and the exercises are suited to many other dog breeds and types.

“Fit for purpose” is the club’s motto and field activities will certainly help to improve the fitness of both dogs and owners

For those who want to take it further the club offers novice, intermediate and advanced trials. Those with a competitive spirit can challenge themselves and their dog to pass controlled field tests with a view to go on to become a champion in tracking and field skills.

Details of upcoming events can found elsewhere on the website.

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