Breed Council AGM 2012

The Dachshund Breed Council held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday May 6th.

Katherine Herrington was re-elected as Treasurer for a further 3 year term. Anne Moore was re-elected as Vice-Chair for a 1 year term.

Roger Sainsbury MRCVS remains as Chairman of the Health and Welfare Sub-committee.

The Treasurer reported that the Health Fund had a balance of £1110 thanks to donations made by the Dachshund Club, Eastern Counties DA and the Breed Council, during 2011.

Chairman’s Report:

The Breed Council continues to be a unifying voice promoting the best interests of Dachshunds in the UK. The work we do on health and welfare is widely recognised as being among the best of any breed community. For that, we should thank our H&W Sub-committee for all their hard work under the direction of Roger Sainsbury. It is also important to recognise how much work is also carried out by the many unsung heroes who invest many hours so that everyone can benefit. I’d specifically like to mention Nora Price, Sue Holt, Jo Lavin and Christine Gibson for their support to the Lafora programme.

Our Dachs-Life 2012 Survey has been amazingly successful. We could never have imagined we would get over 1500 responses. I believe that high response rate is down to the huge amount of communication we have put into raising awareness of its importance. Specifically, I would like to thank the Scottish DC, DC, SDA and Mini DC for printing and distributing copies of the survey forms. I would also like to thank Joy Gonszor and our two Pet Advisors Gill Key and Emma Newman who, through the Dachshund Forum, raised so much awareness of the survey among pet owners. The data we have gathered will be invaluable in developing our plans for future health improvement work. I also believe the high response rate can be attributed to the degree of trust and credibility we have built up over the past few years. It is still frustrating to hear people refusing to participate because “it’s an intrusion”, or “my dogs all live to a good old age and never have anything wrong with them”.

We still need to raise our game on education of breeders, exhibitors and judges. Helen Geeson’s proposed new approach to the Mentoring Scheme will, I hope, build on the good work initiated by Lovaine Coxon. Much of the correspondence and calls I receive are about poor judging. With the amount of guidance we have published on the Breed Standard, its interpretation and our expectations of judges, there really is little excuse for some of the things that apparently happen. Sadly, I guess, most of those people aren’t interested in keeping up to date and are unlikely to attend one of our educational events. We can but try.

I’d like to end by thanking all the Clubs for their continued support and to the Officers for their hard work during the past year.

Ian J Seath, Chairman