EFRA Enquiry into Dog Control and Welfare

Dachshund Breed Council Chairman Ian Seath was invited to be a witness at the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee which questioned members of the dog breeding community and the veterinary profession on issues arising from the Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding led by Professor Sir Patrick Bateson.

On 17th October, the witnesses were:

  1. Professor Sheila Crispin, Advisory Council on the Welfare Issues of Dog Breeding, and Professor Patrick Bateson,  Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding
  2. Ian Seath, Chairman, The Dachshund Breed Council, and Professor Steve Dean, Chairman, The Kennel Club

To watch the video of the hearing, click on the image above or this link here. Ian Seath and Steve Dean’s questioning starts at 23 minutes into the video.

The Breed Council made a written submission to EFRA, which you can read here (pdf).

You can read all the written evidence submissions here.

If you want to hear what the RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Blue Cross and Battersea think of the KC and pedigree dogs’ health, scroll this video to 16:51 (10 minutes from the end). Video here

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