4 new Health Sub-committee members appointed

At its meeting on Sunday 21st October the Breed Council confirmed the appointment of four additional members of its Health and Welfare Sub-committee.  They are:

  • Sue Holt, who is currently a member of the WHDC’s Lafora Team
  • Charles Hipkin, a member of the Miniature Dachshund Club Committee
  • Nora Price, who is currently WHDC Lafora Coordinator
  • Gina Salisbury, who is Assistant Secretary of the Southern Dachshund Association

Speaking at the Breed Council meeting, H&W Chairman Roger Sainsbury said “Sue and Nora are already actively working on one of our health priorities (Lafora Disease) and it makes sense to formalise their position within our main Sub-committee.  With the amount of work to be done, we also welcome Gina and Charles, who will give us extra resources to support our work“.

He also thanked Lesley McNaughton (Scottish Dachshund Club) who has recently retired from the Sub-committee for all her hard work and support.

Full details of the Sub-committee can be found here.

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