2012 Dachshund KC Registration figures

The Kennel Club has published the Registration figures for 2012. Mini Smooth Dachshunds are the UK’s 19th most popular breed, up one place from 2011.

The registrations for each variety are as follows:

Smooth = 108; Mini Smooth = 2854

Long = 138; Mini Long = 911

Wire = 321; Mini Wire = 688


Registrations of Mini Smooth Dachshunds have remained the same in 2012 as in 2011, in comparison with an overall decline of 6% in KC registered puppies. Their level of registrations has nearly tripled in 10 years.

Registrations of Mini Longs continues to decline and registrations of Mini Wires are now back at the same level as a decade ago.

On a three year average, registrations of Smooths are 24% lower than a decade ago. Longs are 10% lower and Wires are 15% higher.

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