Lafora Fund-raising

Debley_dogsSupporters and owners of dogs affected by Lafora have been busy raising funds and have raised over £800 which will be split equally between research into the condition by the Canadian team and the Dachshund Breed Council’s Health Fund.

Contributions have come both from cash donations sent as a thank you for information and support, and from selling delightful hand-knitted scarves knitted by Pat Debley and a good friend. Scarves have been sold via Vets treating the disease,, the Dachshund Forum and various other social networking sites. One of Pat’s three dogs was diagnosed with Lafora several years ago and Pat has worked hard to keep the impact of the condition to a minimum, although she has had to live with seeing her dog gradually deteriorating, and she and her husband have to plan with military precision every time they leave the house as Daisy is now upset by any change in routine. In the last couple of months Pat had two very bad pieces of news and she has written a moving article for the Laforadogs website.

Grateful thanks go to Pat, Gill and all their fund-raisers.

The Lafora Sub-committee has agreed that Test Forms will now include an invitation to add a donation of £10.00 or more to a new fund being set up by the Laforadogs group, raising money towards providing support for owners of affected dogs. Any donors can opt to have their name/kennel name enrolled on a ‘Lafora Pioneers’ roll of honour on the Laforadogs website which will be linked to the WHDC database and other websites.

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