Did you know? 15 facts from our 2014 Breed Health Report

You can read our 2014 Health Report here.  Here are 15 facts from the report…

  1. The year-end balance in the Health Fund was £18,085.  This includes £11,159 ring-fenced for IVDD research
  2. The Dachshund Club’s “Loose Change Challenge” for 2014 ended in November 2014 and over £600 was collected
  3. £20,000 from the Lafora Fund was spent to support the Lafora screening programme in 2014
  4. Back disease is the number one issue reported by owners and has been No. 1 since our online survey began
  5. The average (mean) age of death for “old age” reports on Dachhsunds was 13.7 (median 15.0)
  6. The Kennel Club’s 2014 Health Survey received 986 reports on Dachshunds (887 live dogs and 99 deceased dogs)
  7. Our Facebook page has grown from 1233 followers at the end of 2013, to 1590 at the end of 2014 (an increase of 29%)
  8. Our pdf guide “Buying and Owning a Dachshund” was downloaded 1076 times in 2014 (+16% on 2013)
  9. Longer-bodied and shorter-legged Dachshunds are more at risk of back disease than those of more moderate proportions
  10. Body condition is a significant risk factor for IVDE; dogs that are over-weight or obese are more likely to suffer disk extrusions
  11. We now have Lafora test results from over 500 dogs (including the “Not Affected” results obtained prior to development of the full-spectrum test)
  12. 7129 cord1 PRA tests have been done by owners of Miniature Dachshunds since the test became available  (approx. £350,000 of test fees)
  13. Half of all Mini Long Dachshunds tested for cord1 PRA in the past three years have been “Clear” of the cord1 mutation and nearly 3000 are Hereditarily Clear
  14. Three quarters of the Mini Longs screened in 2014 had Distichiasis (extra eyelashes); clinical eye screening is recommended for all breeding stock
  15. Longhaired Dachshunds have the highest breed average Coefficient of Inbreeding (14.6%) and Wires have the lowest (6.1%) of the Dachshund varieties


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