Illegally imported Miniature Dachshund puppies – can you help?

We have received the following from the Kennel Club. Please e-mail us any information that we could use to send in response to the KC’s questions below.  The Breed Council’s Health Sub-committee will be responding to the KC at the end of February.

From information reported in the dog press you will no doubt be aware of concerns about the number of illegally imported puppies, of various breeds, arriving into the UK, particularly from Eastern Europe. These dogs are imported ‘on paper’ at over four months, or smuggled in, but it is a fact that many are much younger than their paperwork suggests.   
DEFRA has identified Miniature Dachshunds (more specifically Smooth and Long) as one of the breeds more regularly seen and they have asked the Kennel Club for help in identifying these younger puppies, as one of the main issues for the Customs staff is knowing exactly how a 8-12 week old puppy of a particular breed should look like.  As breed experts, the Kennel Club would be grateful for your assistance with this by providing more detailed breed specific information on Miniature Dachshunds, as below
–          Average weight at 8 weeks
–          Average height (at the shoulder) at 8 weeks
–          Average weight at 12 weeks
–          Average height (at the shoulder) at 12 weeks
–          Are there any breed specific age related issues such as when they change teeth including the age when the second teeth are usually visible (not all breeds lose their first teeth at the same time ), pricking–up of the ears, coat development or any other age related indicators that may assist in identifying a puppies age?
We would also be grateful if you would be able to supply photos of puppies at these ages (of any colour and coat ) which may be used ; we would also request permission to record these for future use in the Kennel Club picture library.
This breed specific information would then pulled together to produce a breed information sheet that would enable DEFRA and Customs staff to use as a guide.
We appreciate any assistance that you can provide in this matter
Best regards
Gary Johnson
Breeder Services Manager
Health & Breeder Services Department
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