Emma Black reports on the Young Dachshund Club’s Seminar

YDC_Seminar_0915Around 30 people attended the Young Dachshund Club Seminar at Baginton Hall on Saturday 19th September. Although organised by the YDC, the seminar was open to people of all ages and levels of experience, with subjects that were helpful to both the novice and more seasoned Dachshund owners. It was a great and informal day, with talks by Aimee Llewellyn and Jeff Crawford.

Aimee presented her talk in the morning on breeding to balance health concerns, which covered a variety of topics such as complex diseases, avoiding exaggeration and inbreeding in dogs. Her presentation provided very clear and helpful guidance for breeders, which could be taken and applied to all dog breeds. She also spoke about DNA tests and the different resources that are available to breeders by the KC, including their Estimated Breeding Values tool and Mate Select programmes. The overall theme of her talk was that breeders should be looking at the whole picture of their dogs when selecting for breeding and not just particular attributes, emphasising the need for DNA testing to identify any potential risks.

After lunch Jeff Crawford presented his talk on interpreting the breed standard. Starting off, Jeff provided a fascinating introduction on the history of the Dachshund, from its original role in Germany to the development of the breed in the UK. Then with the help of a very well behaved standard smooth Dachshund, Jeff skilfully demonstrated a visual application of the breed standard, allowing a clear understanding of the standards’s terminology for the viewers. Not only this, he also talked about different points specific to the Dachshund which are not necessarily covered by the breed standard, but are important to watch out for when assessing dachshunds. Using his expertise of the breed, Jeff delivered an insightful look into the Dachshund, providing helpful tips for anyone who may be showing, judging or simply assessing their own dogs.

The day came to a close with the ‘hands on workshop’ in the afternoon, which gave an opportunity for attendees then to put what they had just learned about the breed standard into action, by going over the different varieties of dachshunds. The informal and friendly atmosphere provided a chance for anyone to ask any questions directly about any of the varieties, and to get advice on care and grooming.

Overall the day went very well, providing everyone with helpful and transferable information. With the permission of the Dachshund Breed Council, their Breed Standard Quick Guide, Guide for Judges and Introduction to Critique Writing were handed out to the attendees, supplying them with helpful guides that can be taken home and further educate on assessing the breed.

It was encouraging to see that we were joined by a few people relatively new to Dachshunds and the world of showing, who hopefully found the day helpful and informative. Thank you to everyone involved who made the day a success.

Emma Black


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