North-West Dachshund Halloweenie Meet-up raises £150 for Health Fund

The North West and Cheshire Dachshund Facebook groups held a group walk and coffee morning on Sunday 1st November in Lowton, Cheshire. They managed to raise £150 to donate to Lafora and IVDD research. 75 Dachshunds attended.

Gill Kelley-Allward who organised the event writes: “Thank you to all those that baked the fantastic cakes & biscuits, donated and generally just joined in. After paying our entrance fee to the Country Club we have raised an additional £150 which is absolutely amazing. The obvious doggy charities to donate to are the Lafora fund for research into the disease that affects Mini Wires and also the IVDD research fund. The money will be split 50/50. Thank you, you all make the group the massive success it is.”

On behalf of the Breed Council, we’d like to add our thanks to everyone who participated, for your generosity.