“The Winny Fund” donates £3000 to Lafora Research & Give a Dachshund a Genome

WinnyThe Winny Fund, set up by Di Reid-Handy in 2013, has generously donated £3000 to two of our current Health Projects.
Di writes…
“As many of you will remember, 2014 was a busy year in terms of fundraising for The Winny Fund, when Chevair Leeding organised some big raffles and the Dapper Dachshund 2015 calendar. During that time, and since, we have had numerous other fantastic donations to keep the fund growing – some through Winny’s own Fundrazr page, some from the lovely Lisa Jane Webb and her Petworth Park walks, and many other various groups that have forwarded any funds they have raised to us. We have had this money safely tucked away, waiting for the right project to come along in which we could lend a hand.
“You may also have recently seen the Dachshund Breed Council’s posts regarding “Give a Dog a Genome“. This is a new initiative, launched by the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the Animal Health trust, to create the UK’s largest genome bank to help future research and generations of dogs. It costs £2000 for the entire sequencing of one dog (2.4 billion letters of DNA) and the AHT are appealing to dog breed communities to donate £1000 to the project and they will match this from the £50,000 they have been fortunate enough to receive from The Kennel Club Charitable Trust for this project – this therefore means that 50 breeds can be sequenced.
“As we know, Dachshunds are a little bit different to most breeds, having 6 varieties, and the AHT can only offer to sequence one variety of Dachshund at the cost of £1000 as there are so many other breeds within the UK who are equally entitled to a place on the scheme. They have said though, after asking the question, that they are happy to sequence other varieties of Dachshund but it would need to be at the full cost of £2000.
“So after some discussions and careful consideration, The Winny Fund has decided to donate £2,000 to the Dachshund Breed Council, and have requested specifically to sequence the genome of a Miniature Smooth Dachshund, mainly as Winny was a Mini Smooth and where this all began. It doesn’t mean there will be a health test as an end result, but it does mean is that we can get a better understanding of the breed and this, in turn, will help with future research for more specific issues.
“Alongside this, we have also decided to give £1000 to ongoing Lafora’s research taking place in Canada.
“I’m sure you will agree that both of these causes are extremely important, and The Winny Fund is extremely honoured to be donating to such important and exciting projects!”
On behalf of the Breed Council, we would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Di and everyone who has contributed to this amazing fund-raising activity for the benefit of our breed.