Dachshund KC Registrations 2015

The KC has published the registration statistics for 2015. The Dachshund totals were:

  • Smooths 157
  • Mini Smooths 3450
  • Longs 163
  • Mini Longs 844
  • Wires 462
  • Mini Wires 717

Trend graphs showing registrations since 1999 are shown below.

Worryingly, Mini Smooths continue their rise in popularity, fuelled no doubt by the string of adverts featuring them. It is to be hoped that they don’t end up in unsuitable homes with owners who don’t realise how to look after them properly, with adequate exercise and appropriate socialisation.

Mini Longs have seen a steady decline in popularity for the past 15 years, while registrations of Mini Wires remain at around their long-term average level.

Mini Registrations 99-15
In Standards, there has been a decline in popularity of Smooths and Longs for the past ten years. Wires had a spike in popularity in 2015 which took them to their highest level of registrations over this 15 year period.
Std Registrations 99-15

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