Dachshund Respite Care – a new service in Scotland

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Dachshund Respite Care offers a bespoke service to owners of Dachshunds with elderly, sick and Dachshunds recovering from surgery.

Whether you require care for a day, overnight, weekend or longer, Elaine Brechin provides everything in her home to look after your Dachshund, from those that require a little TLC to those that require more nursing care.

Having retired from the Ambulance Service after 38 years, Elaine has the necessary skills to look after any medical needs, administer medication, injections, dressings, bladder expression and other medical procedures as required. A Vet that operates 24 hours a day is less than 5 minutes away to call upon, in case of emergencies.


It can be very difficult to care for elderly and sick Dachshunds and Elaine offers owners time to recharge their batteries and get a much needed break. For those dogs recovering from operations, in particular Dachshunds having undergone spinal surgery, it can be a difficult time for owners and they can easily feel unable to cope with the initial care required and/or take time off of work.

Working closely with Fusion Vet Physio, which opens in April and has a hydrotherapy pool, offers Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, these services will also be available, with the consent of the owner’s Vet.

  • Round the clock care, or boarding for a few days
  • Care for elderly, sick and post-operative Dachshunds
  • Daily massages, grooming and nail care
  • Pick-up service from vets and veterinary hospitals in Scotland
  • Liaise with your vet to ensure continuation of any treatment

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