Sausage Dog Walk, South Wales – Report by Gill Key

It’s been an amazing summer in many ways with lots of lovely dry sunny days. Imagine therefore how Charlotte Baldwin, who had spent months and months planning a Sausage Fun Day to raise money for dachshunds with IVDD and Dachshund Rescue must have felt as the weather forecast for Ogmore Beach, South Wales for Saturday August 20th started to get worse and worse, culminating in weather warnings about high winds, tides and torrential rain!

S Wales walk
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The idea started much earlier in the year as an attempt on the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of dogs of one breed in one place, but it rapidly became apparent that there was so much red tape involved that it wasn’t practical this year. Charlotte continued her work preparing for a full day’s fundraising, encouraging companies and individuals to donate amazingly generous raffle prizes, organising Programmes and advertising, arranging for games including ‘guess the weight of the cake etc. along with a series of fun competitions including ‘waggiest tail’, ‘best dressed dog’ etc.

Despite all the dire predictions, hundreds of hardy souls took part, some travelling as far as Scotland, Norfolk, Yorkshire and London! The local Bridgend Travelodge was inundated with bookings, as were local campsites and bed and breakfasts. Some chose to travel on the day, only to find that one of the two bridges across the Severn was closed due to high winds, so had a horrendously long journey to the beach.

Roughly 300 dogs and their owners took part on the day, though due to the terrible conditions, not everyone was able to stay for the walk on the beach, raising at least £2000 towards the two causes. Astoundingly, Charlotte has already been able to provide 7 strollers to dachshunds with IVDD, as well as support for hydrotherapy. The idea with the strollers is to help give the dogs and their owners a much needed break from being at home – and if/when they do recover, the strollers can be passed on to other needy dogs.


Charlotte didn’t stop smiling all day through the wind, rain and chaos it caused, and has already committed herself to running another event next year, –  when hopefully the weather will be better and the World Record will be smashed.

A HUGE ‘WELL DONE’ to Charlotte and everybody else who made the day so enjoyable and such a success. You can watch a video of the day here:

and donate towards equipment and post-op treatment for IVDD dachshunds here:

Gill Key, Pet Adviser, Health and Welfare Sub Committee