Dachshunds at Discover Dogs – Crufts 2017

Thank you to the Midland Dachshund Club who organised the helpers at Discover Dogs. A huge thank you to everyone who brought their dogs and worked so hard to educate the public about our breed.

Ian Smith from the Midland DC said “Fleur and I did a stint on the Sunday and it was a great experience again. There is nothing like talking all day about your dogs and seeing them interact with so many members of the public, including a large number of children. All the children we came across were well behaved and seemed to enjoy their experiences with our charges. For me, it is one of the most gratifying occasions we have with our dogs.

Please read Brenda Jones’s story below these pictures.

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Brenda Jones shared this with us:

“We manned the DD booth on Thursday and Sunday; it was not very busy on Thursday compared to previous weekdays but Sunday, as expected, was very busy.

We had taken the two 8 month old puppies and a few adults so they each had rest
breaks during the day; needless to say, the pups were popular.

One little boy who was autistic was very much into the dogs and came back several times to have a lick/wash. Then, later that afternoon he returned with his parents and another disabled child named Chloe who was in a wheelchair and, having spoken to her parents, we found out that she was 10 years old. She was born with severe brain damage having been starved of oxygen and being distressed when born by emergency C-section at 22
weeks and it was thought that only being 2lb 3oz born that she would not survive.

Needless to say, she did survive although severely disabled. Her parents told us
that she was unable to control her movement, she would have around 8-10 fits a
day, she was unable to communicate apart from  the odd grunt when she wanted

Her parents said that they had a Standard Smooth which passed away two years ago and
which always sat with Chloe more or less since she was born and they had been
very close and had a special bond.

They had been looking into replacing the dog but just never found the time with
Chloe needing around the clock attention; then a neighbour suggested bringing
her to Crufts to meet the dachies at DD.

Her parents asked if we would allow one of our dogs to sit on her lap to see if
she would remember or respond. We placed one of the youngsters on her lap and he
then proceeded to sniff very gently around her neck and cuddle into her. It was
as if he knew to be gentle, then very softly he gave her a lick, her face seemed
to light up and one of her arms raised as if she were to cuddle him, her parents
were overwhelmed. They told us that she had little control of any movement and
how shocked they were by her response and as they were talking to us Chloe made
a sound almost like the word dog, her mum burst into tears then her father
followed, they were both overwhelmed.

We almost cried as well after what they had told us, the dog was happy to sit
with her for almost ten minutes and we had a long chat with her parents. They left
us feeling very proud of our dogs and somewhat humbled by the experience.

We gave them lots of information on how to go about getting a puppy the correct
way and hopefully they will follow through to give Chloe that special
bond and companionship she once had.

This one experience makes the whole day worth giving up to spend time with
people and children and there were others like this. It is very rewarding when
people show a genuine interest in the breed. If we can help people like
chloChloe obviously misses her dog but could not tell her parents, then it’s all
worth it. I hope she finds her new dog.”

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