Lesley Patton’s Wire Breed Notes 24/6/17

Dachshunds Wire-Haired 

How could I have forgotten to include in last week’s notes that Sabrina Jones’ Bimini Blue Moon was PG2 at Three Counties – many apologies – and well done! Also left out was Mrs Clayton-Smith’s Cishelvine Judge and Jury getting 3rd in the Junior Dog Stakes. Just shows that you can’t rely on me to pick things up from the Internet, so if you have a good win – please let me know!

Donna Kirkwood-Emery had a lovely day at Border Union last Saturday with her min wire Jin (Helydon Jinglebells) winning her last Junior class and also taking BB and BOB under breed specialist,Christine Russell. Its such a shame that this show has no CCs for either variety, is difficult to reach and there are so few Scottish wires. BD was Wendy Heather’s Figaro (Ravensbeech Rossini with Whiteorchard –the poster boy behind Clare Balding all through Crufts 2016) RBD was Jane Maxwell’s Bardrestan Vital Spark, and RBB was her B. African Queen.In wires, Jane’s B Queen Of The South was BB and BOB, with Ken and Sandra Paskins’ Tendrow Replays The Red guy with Kindeace BOS. Mrs Kennedy’s Strabathie Dextor was RBD and Mrs Burns’ Brawview Bilbo Baggins BPIB.    

At Royal Cheshire County Show Peter Paterson’s Ambiesque Aperitif won BOB, BPIB, Hound Puppy Group 2, and was shortlisted in the adult Group. Breed judge Mr RF Spencer (Tralgavar) Group Judge Mr M Sanders. Great news from Lynda Billinghurst, her mw, Sol, who went out to Australia after a great puppy career here, and a RCC winner, is now Grand Champion Jiljac Tsar Very Much JW.(CH Drakesleat Ottoff The Press ex Drakesleat Russia Bout to Jiljac JW).

In Ireland we had Swords International Ch Show with blue skies, blazing sun, outdoor rings beautifully mown – and a dachshund picnic – what’s not to like? Sadly, my catalogue disappeared – the first time ever at an Irish show. Judging all the varieties and the group was Mrs L Erhart from the Netherlands. Her group winner was Katie and Kerry Kelly’s min wire, Ch Tete-a-tete Diervilla avec Kmai, G2 was Peter and Carolyn Wheatland’s ks, Sokisable Teddy Girl, G3 my wire, Elliott, and G4 Martin McDonnell’s ml Ch Smartdac Rising Phoenix. The Wheatlands had a great day winning BOB in all 3 sizes of smooth, a first!

To say I am upset at the KC’s latest change in class definitions would be an understatement. I cannot understand the justification for the change to Limit. (I have no views on mid Limit as I have never entered a show where it has been scheduled for dachshunds) The current definition of Limit: “For dogs which have not become show Champions under Kennel Club Regulations or under the rules of any governing body recognised by the Kennel Club, or won 7 or more First Prizes in all at Championship Shows in Limit and Open Classes…..” seems perfectly fair – it shows no differentiation between countries – if you are a champion you can’t enter Limit, full stop. Now the rule reads that if you are a UK champion you can’t enter Limit, but if you have shown your dog under FCI rules and happened to get lucky at an International show on one day and won a CAC and a CACIB, and at a national show on another day and won a CAC – then you can’t enter Limit either, even though you may be several wins away from a champion title! Does that make sense to anyone? Far more sense to do away with the “7 firsts limit”, in my opinion, if they had to change anything. I don’t suppose they will reinstate Yearling Classes at Crufts for all the breeds they removed them from to make up for the change in Limit, either.

Sitting here writing these notes on the longest and hottest day of the year – I hope you are all managing to keep your dogs (and yourselves) cool. Its amazing how sensible the dogs can be in heat and just lie around waiting for the weather to cool down late in the evening – apart from my two youngsters, who have completely flattened the rushes tonight – obviously the coolest place to play in the garden. Square has been blind for nearly 3 years now, but she has never lost her enthusiasm for moving furniture around to suit her needs. She hates me cutting the grass and always goes into the kitchen when that is happening. I came in on Sunday from the garden to find she had climbed onto the kitchen table and was sitting there on a newspaper getting the full benefit of the breeze from the electric fan – she has to push a chair out from under the table to climb up – she is either very brave or very foolish – but definitely very clever. I laughed at the advice given on social media to put ice cubes in your dogs water – that only results in them spilling the water bowl while they try to eat the ice cubes here! Fans and tiled floors seem the best option, although tiled floors are not good generally for my oldies, they do like to lie on them in the summer. When travelling, frozen towels are best (that is towels soaked in water, wrung out, rolled up and put in a plastic bag in the freezer until needed – I also freeze plastic water bottles..

Very worrying to read that DW has gone into administration and to hear that some people have lost their jobs. I’ve been a regular reader of my own copy for nearly 40 years, and read Mum’s before that, so I would hate to think there may come a day I won’t get my “Friday fix” .

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