Daniel Roberts’ Longhaired Breed Notes 24/6/17

   Three Counties started with sadness. Juliet Cooper had attracted a lovely entry of Min smooth’s & the evening before the show it was announced that Min smooth’s had a change of judge. I think most of us knew this was not a good sign as Juliet’s Mother Eunice Steadman had not been well for some time. As Hound day progressed we heard the inevitable news that Eunice had left us. Very much a family lady who loved her dogs & people from all walks of life. Approachable with the greatest scence of humour & so much fun to be around, always full of mischief!. Over several decades Eunice supported her daughter Juliet with their Merrygarth Longs & unlike her daughter never wished to judge & only exhibited the dogs if there was no other choice, infact showing under Terry Thorn Eunice’s coat blew over her head as the dog was examined on the table ending up with Terry having to untangle her!. Under Jeff Crawford she convinced him it was Junior Handling & not junior dog!. A great eye for a dog with sensible constructive opinions & a great devotee of Dachshunds. I’m told Eunice was the best navigator & backroom boy any kennel could wish for. Enthusiastic, positive on all aspects of life with a hug or paracetemol who needed it. Known to many as ‘Tinks’, one of the nicest people you could have wished to meet in our hobby & as Eunice would have said at 81 & 3/4 years she has had a blast!. Juliet tells me the help & support from the dog show fraternity has been a great help to the family, the messages received have gone a long way to help ease some of the pain. Our sincere condolences to Eunice’s family & extended family at this extremely sad time, you are all in our thoughts

Ann Jeffery (Annsdax smooth’s) had attracted good non CC entries at Three Counties for both our varieties, but sadly particularly in Longs, suffered from absentee’s. On The day just six appeared from the thirteen on paper . BB & BOB was Sarah Eve’s Sundayshill Hermione with Sarah’s Sundayshill Anastasia taking RBB. BD was Miss Dimon’s Labbadax Inspiration For Dimerlin & BP was awarded to Misses Thompson’s Ranglewood Pumpkin Pie.

In Min Longs from the original 33 dogs entered just 4 where absent. Carole Worswick’s Dolyharp Bizet’s Carmen was awarded BB & BOB with Dawn Norton’s Halunke Pure Magic gaining BD. Christine McCarthy cleared the remainder of the awards with RBD going to Nagshall Digby Mac JW, RBB with Nagshall Just So JW & BP with Nagshall Just Be Lucky. I can’t see any placing’s for our varieties through the stakes classes & no shortlist in the adult or puppy groups for Longs & in both groups The Min Longs where absent where I’m sure there was a genuine reason

At South West Durham Open Show Adam Rowell’s Min Long puppy Emmajesk Masquerade won both The Adult & puppy Hound Groups before going onto Best Puppy In Show all under Jan McNevin (Rojaneva Rottweilers). At Ashfield CS Open Show Barbara Horn’s Long Africandawns Night Willow won Best Veteran In Show under Vanessa Cox (Pettipaws English Toy Terriers)

Ken Sinclair (Araki Tibetan Terriers) has attracted 42 Longs & 74 Min Longs at East Of England, both with CC’s & at Windsor Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat Min Wires) has attracted 81 Min Longs with CC’s & Hector Heathcote (Hyndsight Deerhounds) has attracted 36 Longs without CC’s

We are all entitled to our own opinions around partnership show’s & when I read my notes & Lesley Patton’s Wire notes (DW 9th June) you could easily think that we where both at different Bath & WEDA Championship Shows!. I have to admitt to having a giggle after reading both verdicts & it just goes to show that we all think differently & are justified & respected in having an opinion. Both accounts where clearly our own opinions on how the partnership events ent on the day. Certainly Lesley’s first experience at a partnership championship show in the UK was when she judged both varieties of Longs at The Hound Association where The Midland DC commenced it’s joint venture & as an exhibitor at Bath & WEDA so has a justified opinion from both angles.

Once again this year The Midland DC are hosting their partnership championship show with The Hound Association & both clubs have worked hard throughout the year to make improvements on last years event. The full details on this years judging order are in the schedule but to make things more simple for exhibitors at both events, judging will take place in The Paddocks used by The Midland DC last year for both events which means exhibitors won’t have to move camp at anytime. A couple of Houndshow judges are judging several breeds but the detailed judging order has been devised this year to help everyone with little hassell enjoy both shows. Houndshow Long judging will commence in Ring 1 at 9am with Midland DC Longs following in the same ring once The Houndshow judging has completed. Houndshow Min Longs will commence in Ring 5 at 9am with Midland DC Min Longs commencing in Ring 6 (next door) once The Houndshow Min Long judging is completed. At least it won’t be gone 4pm before a breed gets judged as already seen at some all breeg championship shows this year.

The partnership events are as good or bad as the individual makes them, wether an exhibitor or judge. Certainly The Midland DC have run their open show for many years now with Evesham CS & both clubs have benifitted from entries & reduced costs for the clubs. We just need to order the sunshine now to give that garden party atmophere that we all love

Already the summer season seems to be racing away with us. Schedules are available right upto the end of the year which is scary & don’t forget to check out the many other events being held around the country, both educational & fundraising, most details are available on The Breed Council Website

Keep your news, views & opinions coming!

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