Katherine Herrington’s Smooth Dachshund Breed Notes 20/7/17

The Midland Dachshund & Evesham & District C/S held their back to back open shows at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern. It was well set out with the rings for the Dachshunds for both clubs were within easy each . Weather was lovely just towards the end a heavy shower came so we went inside for BIS.At both shows our 2 varieties did well.

Evesham Smooths were Judged by Lesley Negus (Tarramist) std longs BOB John Tite’s CH Phaeland Special Driver At Rijobeau. Res BB Sue & Jason Hunt’s Lauralee Miss Marple At Carpaccio. BPIB John Tite’s Rijobeau caught On Camera.
Min Smooths Judged by Sabrina Jones (Bimini) Min Wires. BOB Sue Ergis’s  Siouxline Dapperdax Destiny & later Hound group 2 under Judge Jenny Hiscox (Teegate) BOS Adey Barrett’s Ch Ayseebee Rumour Has It. BPIB Sue & Jason’s Carpaccio Midnight Lace.

At the Midland Dachshund,   Smooths were Judged by Annette Latham- Jackson (Urishay). BOB John Tite’s Ch Phaeland Special Driver At Rijobeau, BOSex Sue & Jason’s Lauralee Miss Marple at Carpaccio. BPIB Dorothy Allen’s Meganhol Daydream Believer. BVIB Peter Higgins Ch Leveliss What She Said, & later BVIShow

Min Smooths Judged by Sharon Shone (Hanishan).  BOB Adey Barrett’s Ch Ayseebee Rumour Has It. BOS Sue’s Siouxline Dapperdax Destiny. BPIB Sue & Jason’s Carpaccio Midnight Lace.

BIS Judge Carolyn Scott (Wolferlow). Adey’s Ch Ayseebee Rumour Has It handled by John Tite won Res BIShow. Sue & Jason’s Carpaccio Midnight Lace BPIShow, 

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