Dachshund IVDD Screening Special Offer – August 2017 – Just £100 for 9 dogs only

Little Legs IVDDThanks to the generosity of the Little Legs Fundraising campaign we are able to offer further subsidies for dogs screened in August and September.

Lisa Roylance and Carley Denton have raised £900 and we can therefore offer 9 dogs the chance to be screened for just £100. The normal price is £300 at a CVS referral practice, reduced to £200 with a subsidy from the Breed Council.

Now, on a first come, first served basis, we can offer a further £100 subsidy. You will have to pay the CVS vet £300 and then reclaim £200 from the Breed Council’s IVDD Fund.

If you plan to breed from your Dachshund and he/she is aged 24-48 months, you can screen your dog. Contact Ian Seath to apply for the special £200 subsidy.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting Little Legs Fundraising.