Katherine Herrington’s Smooth Dachshund Breed Notes 7/9/17

At Birmingham min smooths had CCs on offer; they were judged by Mark Cocozza (Freecloud). Dog CC, BOB, BPIB & Best Junior was Sue Roberts’ Wingcrest Supersonic To Denver, Res CC Sandra Williams’ Wilmerella  Wells Fargo.
Bitch CC  Rhian Williams & Chris Moes’ Cwmdarhian The Xfactor. This was her 3rd & crowning CC at 14 months old.  Res bitch CC Miss T Mutton’s  Posh Pride Alfa Lady.
BVIB Yvonne Kents Ch Barratini Jeeves at Lokmadi who went on to win Veteran group 2.
Sue & Jason Hunt’s Carpaccio Midnight lace won the Junior stakes on the day & Sue Ergis’s  Siouxline Jacob won the puppy stakes on the day.
Smooths without CCs were Judged by Miss S. Parker (Beagles).  Best Bitch & BOB Peter & Brian Paterson’s Phaeland Sent Direct To Ambiesque.  Res Bitch Sue & Jason’s Lauralee Miss Marple at Carpaccio.   Best Dog & BPIB  Peter Higgins’ Meganhol Black Musketeer Of Leveliss. Res dog Peter & Brian’s Phaeland Second Delivery To  Ambiesque.  BVIB Peter’s Ch Leveliss What She said. Best Junior Merete Stringfellow’s Oxondachs Amethyst at Sivatica.
Rachel Cumberland handled Susan & Caroline Gatherall’s  std smooth at Wolsingham Agr Show to win BOB, BPIB, Hound Group Puppy 1 & Res Best In show
At South Eastern Hound 50th premier Show Sue’s min smooth Siouxline  Jacob won BPIB & BPIS
Bryony Fossett’s min smooth Lokmadi A Boy Named Sue JW has been awarded his Show Certificate of Merit.
At Birmingham on the Saturday & Sunday, 2 sessions were held on each day for how the new Judges’ Competence Program will work. I attended on the Saturday when Jeff Horswell & Glen Dymock explained the new program and answered questions.  It was a good 2 hour session and I found it very good from being a Secretary of a breed club and a Judge and understand things a little more clearly now.
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