Katherine Herrington’s Smooth Dachshund Breed Notes 5/10/17

Driffield Ch show was held on the usual site of Wetherby Racecourse, it was tough going this year with the bad weather of rain & mud but the committee coped really well over the 4 days & we all went prepared with Wellingtons & Macs. Both our 2 varieties had CCs on offer.

Min Smooths were Judged by Helen Wayman (Whippets) this was the first time of awarding CCs in Dachshunds.  Bitch CC & BOB Christine Russell’s Ch Russteck Plum Plum Duff. Res CC Sue & Jason Hunt’s Carpaccio Midnight Lace. Dog CC  Sue Ergis’s Ch Siouxline Aaron.  Res CC Sandra Williams Wilmerella Wells Fargo.  BPIB  Carolyn Scott  Wolferlow Blackberry Pie.

Smooths Judge was Stuart Mallard  Dog CC his 3rd & BOB  Leslie McNaughton’s  Carper AG Von Nordor (imp).  Res CC John Tite   Ch Phaeland Special Driver at Rijobeau.

Bitch CC Rhian Williams & Chris Moes  Ch Cwmdarhian Hotoff The Press, Res CC Sue & Jason’s  Lauralee Miss Marple at Carpaccio.

BPIB  Leslie’s  Cedavoch Tropical Storm.

Two of our young Lady exhibitors in min smooths did really well in the 17 -24 years of age class of YKC stakes; it was a strong class. Bryony Fossett won 1st & Rachel Cumberland was 2nd.

The Dachshund Breed Council e-newsletter is out; full of information & news. Lots of groups raising money for the various health funds.

The Dachshund Club are wanting stewards for their Ch show 25th Nov/17 at the K/C Building Stoneleigh. Contact Secretary Lynda Billinghurst if you can help.

Crufts judges for 2018 /19 have been published on line.  Smooths 2018  Cindy Dare, Min Smooths  myself. 2019  Ellen Blackburn.

Judges from the October journal  Welsh Kennel Club 2018 Smooths & Min Smooths Mr Sigard Wilberg, Northern Counties 2018  M/Smooth Mrs Viv Philips,  Driffield 2018 Smooth & Min Smooth Jan Pain.  Southern Dachshund 2019 Std Smooths Yvonne Kent.

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