Daniel Roberts’ Longhaired Dachshund Breed Notes 11/1/18

The first all-breed championship show of 2018 kicked off with Boston which is staged at the East Of England Showground in Peterborough. Angie Baxter had a long day judging, with around 180 Dachshunds to go over through the six varieties, all without CCs.
From 15 Longs judged, BD & BOB was John Bennett’s Shardaroba’s Country File with Sue Burke & Rosie Manston taking RBD & BP with Bonavoir Beau Geste. Mr & Mrs Fossett’s Brysdax Coco Mademoiselle was BB from the puppy bitch class with June Sutton & Brian Pankhurst’s Lilia Rose At Damai taking RBB.
In Min Longs, from 46 dogs judged, BB, BOB & BP was Lynne Bell’s Tolberg Amber Alert with Lynn Brooks’ Ch Lyndarlea Just Andy JW taking BD. RBD was Christine McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Lucamac JW with Doug & Wendy Hall’s Cliffmere Levity taking RBB.
By all accounts & quite understandably, judging went onto quite late. Even with this type of entry & all the paperwork that goes with judging six varieties, it would have been hard going for an established judge to complete in the blink of an eye! Boston has been very good to Dachshunds over the years classifying all six varieties without CCs & have been rewarded with some great entry figures. As this is obviously continuing to be a popular event, maybe moving forward two non-CC specialist judges would benefit both the society & exhibitor?
The following day had the Midland DC host their education day which I’m delighted to report was well attended by a very enthusiastic group of both Dachshund owners & breeders & all-breed judges. The day started with a very good talk through our breed standard by Ruth Lockett-Walters (Ralines Smooths & Min Longs) with open floor questions where it was obvious that no one was shy of asking for information & guidance. A scrummy buffet was supplied by the committee for all to enjoy & those who wanted to sat the Dachshund Breed Council multiple choice paper on the Breed Standard. All candidates that sat this paper passed; congratulations to each & every one of you.
The afternoon session consisted of groups being paired up with a ‘Mentor’ & given the chance to go over & access six different Dachshunds which ranged from Champions to ones that had never seen the show ring. Daniel Roberts & Helen Geeson were on hand from the DBC judges sub-committee to help with the smooth running & the feedback from the Mentors & mentees was that the afternoon was an outstanding success where everyone benefited from having the opportunity to be so transparent in a relaxed, open & friendly atmosphere. I certainly came away feeling that we had all given a little help to the future of our breed & thanks must go to all who freely gave their time & provided. Dogs were all, without exception, so well behaved & certainly gave their best, a real testament to their temperament.
Sadly, Manchester all-breeds championship show doesn’t have CCs on offer for either of our varieties but thankfully schedule classes for us. Thursday 18th January is hound day where gundog specialist John Thirwell has attracted 9 Longs & 41 Min Longs.
Schedules are coming through thick & fast now. Fosse Data, Higham Press seem to have the majority online but Fay Hutchings’ Showdach website has everything in one place with quick easy links to their online entry & schedule download.
As a reminder, here is a list of known judges for our varieties this year; Southern DA Sue Holt Longs, Lynda Billinghurst Min Long, DC of Wales Katharine Herrington Longs, Mike Turner Min Longs, Min Club Adam Rowell Min Longs, Scottish DC Ruth Walters Longs, Emily Mitchell Min Longs, Crufts Lesley McNaughton Longs, Derek Smith Min Longs, Scottish Hound Ian Seath Longs, Sue Seath Min Longs, LHDC Fay Hutchings Long Dogs, Helen Walters Long Bitches, Maureen Poole Min Long Dogs & Judy Squires Min Long Bitches, Birmingham National Ron James Longs, Bill Brown-Cole Min Longs, SKC (May) Jennifer Cunningham Longs & Min Longs, Bath Ian Seath Min Longs, Blackpool Sigurd Wilberg Longs & Min Longs, East Of England Sandra Marshall Longs & Min Longs, Windsor Ben Reynolds-Frost Min Longs, Border Union Ray Moorland Min Longs, Leeds Albert Wight Longs, Houndshow Valerie Philips Longs, Andrea Callow Min Longs, Midland DC Marilyn Norton Min Longs, Bournmouth Helen Wayman Longs, WKC Jill Peak Longs, Albert Wight Min Longs, NCDA Juliet Cooper Min Longs, Darlington Jenny Startup Longs Jason Hunt Min Longs, Eastern Cos DA Nora Price Longs, Midland Cos Per Iversen Longs, Andrew Brace Min Longs, DC Martin Sanders Longs, Dawn Norton Min Longs, SWKA Lynn Brooks Min Longs, GT Joint Lloyd Cross Longs, Yvonne Kent Min Longs.
Hope this helps with your planning for the year ahead, just a few shows awaiting KC confirmation for judges. East Yorkshire DC open show this weekend, please let me know your news & wins
Daniel Roberts
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