Katherine Herrington’s Smooth Dachshund Breed Notes 13/1/18

Boston held their ch show, the first of the year. It was a good entry for all Dachshunds without CCs but maybe in the future, the committee would consider having two Judges.
Angie Baxter (min & std Wires ) was the Judge. In Smooths B Dog BOB & BPIB Sue & Jason Hunt’s Lauralee Huckleberry Finn at Carpaccio, Res Dog  Mrs Balazs -Hirt’s  Colocensis Rex Mister at Gravelous (Imp Iun). B. Bitch Sue & Jason’s Lauralee Miss Marple at Carpaccio Res Bitch Mrs K & Miss E Armstrong Clentry Material Girl .
In Min Smooths, B. Bitch & BOB Lisa Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Calculate, Res Bitch Sue Burke & Rosie Manston’s Radclyffe Acanthus. B Dog Adey Barrett’s Ch Ayseebee Rumour Has It. Res dog & BPIB  Sue & Jason’s Pelirroja Talking Italian at Carpaccio.

At Taunton & Dist open show Sue Ergis’s m/smooth Siouxline Jacob won BOB Hound group 1 & Res Best In Show, in Std Smooths Brenda Jones’s Adnerb Lexi Get Fizzical won BOB & group 3 with Adnerbs Oh So Beau  BPIB & Puppy Group 2.
Manchester has drawn a good entry for our 2 varieties. Smooths 48 dogs, Min Smooths 102 dogs; Hound day being Thursday next week.
The East Yorkshire Dachshund Club has got a good entry for their open show tomorrow, which is their last under this name; it is sad but we look to the future amalgamation.
It is 34 years this month that I was taken to the AGM by the then Chairman and was voted onto the committee, that is where I learnt to run a show starting with selling raffle tickets, sitting listening to the elders and shown the ropes by them so eventually over the years you do all there is to do organising and running shows and the hard work that goes into it, but we enjoyed it.
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