Katherine Herrington’s Smooth Dachshund Breed Notes 25/1/18

We certainly had the better day at Manchester Ch show with Hounds being on the 1st day ref the weather and ground for parking. There were some photos on Facebook showing the grass that was going to mud and vehicles getting stuck and having to be towed out.
The Dachshund Club’s open show and AGM on the 24th Feb/18 entries close 30th Jan Post and online 6th Feb.  Also, Northern Counties Dachshund & AGM open show on 18th Feb/18 their entries close  28th Jan Post &  5th Feb online.
Lots of schedules are out now so we can plan ahead.
The Dachshund of the Year is held this coming Saturday 27th Jan/18. Good luck to everyone going; I am sure it will be another enjoyable day as in past years.
Keep your news coming.
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