More Dachshunds in the Obreedience finals at Crufts – please support Mini Mayhem!

We have previously blogged news of the Dachtastic team who qualified for the Obreedience finals at Crufts. Today, we heard that Mini Mayhem who were the reserves have been called in to be the 10th team competing at Crufts.

IMG_1920All the handlers are members of the Southern Dachshund Association: Fizz Carter, on the Committee, with Lily, Steffi Bourne, Newsletter Editor with Raffy, Stella Smyth with Dusty & Pebbles (Pebbles is handled by one of her girls, Christine, who works at her kennels). This is such good and positive publicity for Dachshunds.

So in ten teams, two are Dachshunds; pretty impressive knowing how very stubborn they can be! The team has to do heelwork together, sendaways, retrieves, call and stop on command in a given square and scent work.

You can support Mini Mayhem and Dachtastic on Thursday 8th March at 4:30 in the Obedience Ring.

Good luck everyone!