It’s Puppy Awareness Week – 26/8-1/9 2019

A recent Kennel Club survey found:

  • Nearly one in five puppy buyers think they may have bought from a puppy farm.
  • One in three could not spot if they were buying from a rogue breeder.
  • Over a quarter of people don’t see the puppy in its actual breeding environment and amongst these 4 per cent had their pup delivered to their door.
  • One in five either don’t see the puppy with its mum, or see it with a dog that they suspect was not the real mum
  • 8 per cent pay for their puppy before they have even seen it.
  • Almost one in five (18 per cent) who buy online, without seeing it first, has a pup that gets sick or dies in their first year.


Read our advice for Dachshund buyers.

Here is the Kennel Club’s advice:

paw-infographic 2019