Updated list of registration colours and patterns

The new KC website and registration system now include the full list of registration colours agreed by the Breed Council. This follows concerns about the registration of puppies as “Colour Not Recognised” and discussions with the KC on how best to resolve that situation.

The KC now lists 2 groups of colours/patterns: Breed standard colour means that the colour is accepted within the breed standard and is a traditional and well-known colour in this breed. Non-breed-standard colour means that the colour is not accepted within the breed standard and whilst some dogs within the breed may be this colour it is advised to only select a dog that fits within the breed standards for all points. 

Breeders can no longer register puppies as CNR  – Colour Not Recognised and, thankfully, we will now be able to track the colours being bred, via the Breed Records Supplement.

You can find the Dachshund breed profiles here: https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/search/breeds-a-to-z/#D

Please also read our health advice on dilute colours and the risks associated with the dilutes.