Dachshunds doing Hoopers – and beyond

Anna Richardson is a sports dog trainer and 2 years ago wrote an article introducing the sport of Hoopers and why she believes it is so great for dachshunds. She featured her 3 dogs and several dachshunds attending her classes.

Here is a link to the first article which you can also download as a PDF here: https://dachshundbreedcouncil.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/dachshund-hoopers-article.pdf

Now, Anna has written a follow up article explaining how Hoopers has helped her 2 dachshunds. She wants to introduce the world of sports competition and explain how accessible it is to get into (and achieve great results) and also the milestone progress awards that you can work towards when training

Her goal is to inspire more owners to get active with their dachshunds and take up the sport and compete.