About us

In 2007, all 19 UK Dachshund Breed Clubs agreed to form a Breed Council and work together for the good of the breed. We held our inaugural meeting in 2008.

The Breed Council was set up to continue and advance the work of the UK Dachshund Forum which had been in existence for 10 years. The Forum was set up initially to allow Dachshund Breed Clubs to coordinate Show Dates and Judging Lists. The work of the Forum developed to look at Health and Welfare issues, Judges’ Education and other matters relevant to the breed.

It is a Kennel Club registered organisation and, as such, has to comply with the Kennel Club rules and regulations for Breed Councils. There are no individual members of a Breed Council, its members are the 19 Dachshund Breed Clubs who all pay a membership subscription to finance the running of the Breed Council. Membership is open to all registered Breed Clubs for the breed.

The Breed Council has to submit Annual Returns to the Kennel Club, just as its member clubs do, and hold an AGM.

Any items to be discussed at Breed Council meetings have to be proposed by a member club or The Kennel Club.

Here’s what the Breed Council achieved in its first 10 years.