Our Objectives

  1. To provide a mechanism for the member clubs to work co-operatively for the benefit of the breed.
  2. To be a strong and united voice in making proposals to the Kennel Club and to be a respected forum whose opinion on breed matters is sought by the Kennel Club.
  3. To promote the effective education and training of judges, at all levels, for the breed.
  4. To promote the health and welfare of the breed, through research and education.
  5. To appoint a Representative for liaison with the Kennel Club.
  6. The Breed Council may, inter alia:
  • Make recommendations to the KC General Committee as regards the Kennel Club Standard of the Breed
  • Make recommendations to the KC General Committee regarding applications to register new Breed Clubs
  • Consider any matter referred to the Council by the KC General Committee

The Breed Council shall have the power to appoint sub-committees. These sub-committees are to be set precise terms of reference and time limits for reporting back to the Council. The Council will appoint members to the sub-committee, who shall appoint a chairman from amongst their number.

Download the DACHSHUND BREED COUNCIL Constitution and Rules.

The Dachshund Breed Council – 10 years on; what have we achieved?

What is a Breed Council?

The Dachshund Breed Council was set up to be a united voice for the Dachshund Breed in the UK.

It is a Kennel Club registered organisation and as such has to comply with the Kennel Club rules and regulations for Breed Councils. There are no individual members of a Breed Council, its members are the 15 Dachshund Breed Clubs who all pay a membership subscription to finance the running of the Breed Council. Membership is open to all registered Breed Clubs for the breed.

The Breed Council has to submit Annual Returns to The Kennel Club, just as its member clubs do, and hold an AGM.

Any items to be discussed at Breed Council meetings have to be proposed by a member club or The Kennel Club.

The Minutes of our Council meetings are available here.