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Katherine Herrington’s Smooth Dachshund Breed Notes 13/1/18

January 13, 2018
Boston held their ch show, the first of the year. It was a good entry for all Dachshunds without CCs but maybe in the future, the committee would consider having two Judges.
Angie Baxter (min & std Wires ) was the Judge. In Smooths B Dog BOB & BPIB Sue & Jason Hunt’s Lauralee Huckleberry Finn at Carpaccio, Res Dog  Mrs Balazs -Hirt’s  Colocensis Rex Mister at Gravelous (Imp Iun). B. Bitch Sue & Jason’s Lauralee Miss Marple at Carpaccio Res Bitch Mrs K & Miss E Armstrong Clentry Material Girl .
In Min Smooths, B. Bitch & BOB Lisa Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Calculate, Res Bitch Sue Burke & Rosie Manston’s Radclyffe Acanthus. B Dog Adey Barrett’s Ch Ayseebee Rumour Has It. Res dog & BPIB  Sue & Jason’s Pelirroja Talking Italian at Carpaccio.

At Taunton & Dist open show Sue Ergis’s m/smooth Siouxline Jacob won BOB Hound group 1 & Res Best In Show, in Std Smooths Brenda Jones’s Adnerb Lexi Get Fizzical won BOB & group 3 with Adnerbs Oh So Beau  BPIB & Puppy Group 2.
Manchester has drawn a good entry for our 2 varieties. Smooths 48 dogs, Min Smooths 102 dogs; Hound day being Thursday next week.
The East Yorkshire Dachshund Club has got a good entry for their open show tomorrow, which is their last under this name; it is sad but we look to the future amalgamation.
It is 34 years this month that I was taken to the AGM by the then Chairman and was voted onto the committee, that is where I learnt to run a show starting with selling raffle tickets, sitting listening to the elders and shown the ropes by them so eventually over the years you do all there is to do organising and running shows and the hard work that goes into it, but we enjoyed it.
Katherine Herrington  tel 01904 761903


Daniel Roberts’ Longhaired Dachshund Breed Notes 11/1/18

January 11, 2018
The first all-breed championship show of 2018 kicked off with Boston which is staged at the East Of England Showground in Peterborough. Angie Baxter had a long day judging, with around 180 Dachshunds to go over through the six varieties, all without CCs.
From 15 Longs judged, BD & BOB was John Bennett’s Shardaroba’s Country File with Sue Burke & Rosie Manston taking RBD & BP with Bonavoir Beau Geste. Mr & Mrs Fossett’s Brysdax Coco Mademoiselle was BB from the puppy bitch class with June Sutton & Brian Pankhurst’s Lilia Rose At Damai taking RBB.
In Min Longs, from 46 dogs judged, BB, BOB & BP was Lynne Bell’s Tolberg Amber Alert with Lynn Brooks’ Ch Lyndarlea Just Andy JW taking BD. RBD was Christine McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Lucamac JW with Doug & Wendy Hall’s Cliffmere Levity taking RBB.
By all accounts & quite understandably, judging went onto quite late. Even with this type of entry & all the paperwork that goes with judging six varieties, it would have been hard going for an established judge to complete in the blink of an eye! Boston has been very good to Dachshunds over the years classifying all six varieties without CCs & have been rewarded with some great entry figures. As this is obviously continuing to be a popular event, maybe moving forward two non-CC specialist judges would benefit both the society & exhibitor?
The following day had the Midland DC host their education day which I’m delighted to report was well attended by a very enthusiastic group of both Dachshund owners & breeders & all-breed judges. The day started with a very good talk through our breed standard by Ruth Lockett-Walters (Ralines Smooths & Min Longs) with open floor questions where it was obvious that no one was shy of asking for information & guidance. A scrummy buffet was supplied by the committee for all to enjoy & those who wanted to sat the Dachshund Breed Council multiple choice paper on the Breed Standard. All candidates that sat this paper passed; congratulations to each & every one of you.
The afternoon session consisted of groups being paired up with a ‘Mentor’ & given the chance to go over & access six different Dachshunds which ranged from Champions to ones that had never seen the show ring. Daniel Roberts & Helen Geeson were on hand from the DBC judges sub-committee to help with the smooth running & the feedback from the Mentors & mentees was that the afternoon was an outstanding success where everyone benefited from having the opportunity to be so transparent in a relaxed, open & friendly atmosphere. I certainly came away feeling that we had all given a little help to the future of our breed & thanks must go to all who freely gave their time & provided. Dogs were all, without exception, so well behaved & certainly gave their best, a real testament to their temperament.
Sadly, Manchester all-breeds championship show doesn’t have CCs on offer for either of our varieties but thankfully schedule classes for us. Thursday 18th January is hound day where gundog specialist John Thirwell has attracted 9 Longs & 41 Min Longs.
Schedules are coming through thick & fast now. Fosse Data, Higham Press seem to have the majority online but Fay Hutchings’ Showdach website has everything in one place with quick easy links to their online entry & schedule download.
As a reminder, here is a list of known judges for our varieties this year; Southern DA Sue Holt Longs, Lynda Billinghurst Min Long, DC of Wales Katharine Herrington Longs, Mike Turner Min Longs, Min Club Adam Rowell Min Longs, Scottish DC Ruth Walters Longs, Emily Mitchell Min Longs, Crufts Lesley McNaughton Longs, Derek Smith Min Longs, Scottish Hound Ian Seath Longs, Sue Seath Min Longs, LHDC Fay Hutchings Long Dogs, Helen Walters Long Bitches, Maureen Poole Min Long Dogs & Judy Squires Min Long Bitches, Birmingham National Ron James Longs, Bill Brown-Cole Min Longs, SKC (May) Jennifer Cunningham Longs & Min Longs, Bath Ian Seath Min Longs, Blackpool Sigurd Wilberg Longs & Min Longs, East Of England Sandra Marshall Longs & Min Longs, Windsor Ben Reynolds-Frost Min Longs, Border Union Ray Moorland Min Longs, Leeds Albert Wight Longs, Houndshow Valerie Philips Longs, Andrea Callow Min Longs, Midland DC Marilyn Norton Min Longs, Bournmouth Helen Wayman Longs, WKC Jill Peak Longs, Albert Wight Min Longs, NCDA Juliet Cooper Min Longs, Darlington Jenny Startup Longs Jason Hunt Min Longs, Eastern Cos DA Nora Price Longs, Midland Cos Per Iversen Longs, Andrew Brace Min Longs, DC Martin Sanders Longs, Dawn Norton Min Longs, SWKA Lynn Brooks Min Longs, GT Joint Lloyd Cross Longs, Yvonne Kent Min Longs.
Hope this helps with your planning for the year ahead, just a few shows awaiting KC confirmation for judges. East Yorkshire DC open show this weekend, please let me know your news & wins
Daniel Roberts
01785 664461

Katherine Herrington’s Smooth Dachshund Breed Notes 6/1/18

January 6, 2018
On New Year’s day, Coventry Ladies Kennel Society held their premier open show. In Min Smooths, Sue & Jason Hunt’s Carpaccio Midnight Lace won BOB, & 3rd in Hound Group, Res BOB Daisy Mason’s Ayla Starlight From Teckeltown, & BPIB & 4th in Puppy Hound Group was my Kathington Just By Chance, & Ch Kathington Coeur De Lion 4th in AV Hound Veteran. The Judge was  Rachel Wray (Perrault).
Our Dogs / Arden Grange Top Dog awards 2017 in our 2 varieties are Min Smooths Sue Ergis’s Ch Siouxline Aaron JW & Maurice Armstrong’s Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby in Std Smooths.
Margaret Turner is working out the Smooth Haired Dachshund Club’s list and these will be published later on their website.
The Dachshund Breed Council have had many donations given in 2017 for the Health Fund, the sale of Christmas cards by Selina Knox raised £2,000 to be ring-fenced for IVDD. We thank everyone who has raised money for the health fund, Ian Seath our Chairman will be giving a breakdown of the account shortly.
Hope who all went to Boston had a good day; will see the results later.
I have got Schedules now for the Smooth Haired Club ch show on the 21st April/18 to be held at Ryton on Dunsmore back to back with the Longhaired Club Ch show. Fay has put the schedule up onto Showdach so anyone can download. I will be at most shows coming up and have them with me, or if you think you won’t see me, let me know and I will post out.
Katherine Herrington  Tel 01904 761903

Katherine Herrington’s Smooth Dachshund Breed Notes 31/12/17

December 31, 2017
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Two or three of you went to open shows after Christmas & had a successful day.
At Wealdstone & Northolt open show Peter Protheroe’s min smooth Picollo Teckel Never Say Never at Royalmaple won BPIB & Hound Puppy Group 1.
 Ch Royalmaple Anky Panky BOB & Hound Group 2.
Sue & Jason Hunt went to Stowbridge open show and their min smooth Peliroja Talking Italian at Carpaccio was BPIB. Carpaccio Midnight Lace BOB & Hound Group 4. Lauralee Huckleberry Finn at Carpaccio (std smooth) BOB, BPIB, Puppy Group 1 & Res BPup In show. Later in the week they went to Ashbourne show Peliroja Talking Italian at Carpaccio BPIB Puppy Hound group 3. Carpaccio Midnight Lace BOB & Group 2, & Lauralee Huckleberry Finn  at Carpaccio Res BOB, BPIB, Puppy Group1 & Res B pup in show.
Many thanks to those who sent cards & donations in memory of Betty Munt & for those who could not attend the funeral your best wishes and thoughts were much appreciated by Sandra & myself.
Whilst we have already mentioned that Betty will forever be associated with one dog Ch Pipersvale Pina Colada & having a good line of clear reds, Betty established a Chocolate /Tan line. After a long absence, a Choc/tan appeared in a litter bred by Ron & Joan Marshall (Roslaye); they were by Pina -Colada out of Roslaye Jazebel. Betty bought this puppy which was called Roslaye Wispa and she gained her Ch title in the period of 1984-1986. The Choc/Tans had been in the minority since Ann & Peter Smith’s (Wimoways)
Ch Roslaye Wispa mated to Pina-Colada produced Ch Pipersvale Chocolat Royale. others produced were Ch Jarac Chocolate Surprise at Pipersvale who won BIS at Midland Counties Ch show 1990. Ch Pipersvale  Chocoletta.
In 1991  Ch Jarac Top Of The Choc’s at Pipersvale was winner of the Spillers/Dog World pup of the year with Chris Amo’s Irish Wolfhound Reserve. Going to that event which was held at the Whitbread Rooms in London it was the first and last time I drove in London. I keep to the train these days.  So, from all this, others that used the Choc/Tan stud dog & of course had Black/Tan Bitches from these litters carrying the Choc/tan gene & bred some lovely choc/tans which gained CCs.
Betty’s write-up for min smooths in the Dachshund handbook 1984-1986 ended with: “To all who continue to have the interest of the min smooths at heart let us strive to improve the standard of this lovely variety, to newcomers I give the advice that was given to me many years ago by Jock Lloyd (Grunwald std smooths) there are three L’s  LOOK, LISTEN & LEARN”.   Many of us have learned a lot from Betty over the years. RIP Betty (End of Era).
Wishing you all a Happy & Successful New Year.
Katherine Herrington  Tel 01904 761903

Daniel Roberts’ Longhaired Dachshund Breed Notes 28/12/17

December 28, 2017
Thankfully many all-breed championship shows & breed club championship shows give our varieties a generous classification when we are unfortunate not to have CCs on offer. For Longs, it’s hard to believe that in 2017 we had just 20 sets of CCs on offer with Min Longs having 26 sets.
Top Long for 2017 is Fran Mitchell’s Ch Bronia True Legacy with 5 CCs & 4 BOBs, he also managed Group 4 at Blackpool under Andrew Brace (Tragband Beagles). Top Bitch is Janet Geeson’s Ch Abydachs Giving Off Sparks with 5 CCs & 1 BOB. For Top Puppy Cindy Dare’s Swansford Lionellador Darsoms & Emily Mitchell’s Bronia Son Of Anarcy both won 3 BP awards where CCs were on offer & Lionellador also won a CC as a puppy, so on a tie-break will make him Top Puppy for 2017. Top Breeder for Longs has been a close call throughout the year with Darsoms, Swansford, Bronia & Cedavoch all being on the leaderboard at some point. Towards the end of the year with the help of two litter sister puppies being awarded CCs, Janet Geeson (Abydachs) left everyone standing & is Top Long Breeder for 2017 with 5 different Longs gaining CCs, four owned at home & the fifth, Ken & Sandra Paskins’ Ch Abydachs Summer Dream At Kindeace gaining her title at Leeds as a veteran. Many Congratulations.
Throughout the year, many Longs have had some high profile wins & represented our variety right at the very top. 2017 started with Daniel Roberts’ Ch Swansford Warrador taking Dachshund Of The Year 2016 under Pam Marston-Pollock, the first time a Long has won this accolade. Cindy Dare had many memorable days with her team in 2017, Ch Darsoms Zybrox was Best Puppy In Show at the SDA (Anne Booth) & Best In show at WEDA (Jason Hunt). Cindy’s Puppy Swansford Lionellador Darsoms was Puppy Group 4 at Bournemouth the day he won his first CC under Espen Engh, Puppy Group 1 at Richmond (Sandra Marshall) & ended the year taking Best In Show at the DC (Jeff Horswell) after winning his second CC. Ch Darsoms Zyjack was BOB at Crufts.  Lesley McNaughton’s Ch Cedavoch The Alchemist went Best In Show at the DC of Wales (Andrea Callow) gaining his title the same day. Emily Mitchell had another great year with Logan, Ch Bronia Lotario who it is hard to believe is now a veteran, Best In Show at the Scottish DC (Margaret Turner), Veteran Group 2 at the National (Sue Hewart-Chambers) & winner of the Veteran Group at the WKC (Viv Philips). Emily had several other memorable days with youngsters, Bronia Zaylia was Reserve Best Puppy In Show at HAS (Moray Armstrong) & Bronia Supernatural won the Puppy Group at Border Union (Pam Marston Pollock). Glenda Marks’ Ch Brynalyn Royal Warrior Via Labbadax was Best Veteran In Show at the LHDC (Jane Cule). Michael Lewis’ Trixhund Opium was Hound Puppy Group 3 at Windsor (Jenny Dove). Ken & Sandra Paskins’ Ch Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace was Veteran Group 3 at the Houndshow (Shirley Rawlings). Liz Garlick’s Ranglewood Trick Or Treat was Reserve Best Puppy In Show at the NCDA (Wendy Barrow). The Hutton family’s Ch River Rumpus through Dachalune was Reserve Best In Show at the Lancashire & Cheshire DA (Jane Naylor) & Best Veteran In Show at the Great Joint DA (Tony Johnson). Janet Geeson’s Ch Abydachs Kicks Up A Storm was Best Veteran In Show at the Lancashire & Cheshire (Jane Naylor) & Abydachs Kumala was Reserve Best Puppy In Show at the Great Joint (Tony Johnson) after winning her first CC. Many congratulations to everyone on some super wins with their Longs.
Roy Wood (Wildstar) certainly had a memorable 2017 which kicked off at Crufts where litter brother & sister won both CCs from their puppy classes. Ch Wildstar Wrobinson finished the year as Top Min Long with 10 CCs & 8 BOBs. With 4 BP awards, Wrobinson is also Top Puppy In Breed. With 3 different Wildstars gaining CCs in 2017, Roy also finishes the year as Top Breeder. Top Bitch is Linda Brown’s Ch Mystera Once Upon A Time Garbosa with 3 CCs & 3 BOBs.
Some great notable wins too for this variety. Lynn Brooks’ (Ch) Lyndarlea Just Andy was Reserve Best Puppy In Show at the SDA (Ann Booth), Best Puppy In Show at the Miniature DC (Wendy Spencer), Ruth Lockett & Helen Lockett-Walters Ralines The Last Word was Reserve Best In Show at the Miniature DC (Wendy Spencer) before leaving for South Africa. Helen Geeson’s Ch Abydachs Americana was Best In Show at the LHDC (Jane Cule), Roy Wood’s (Ch) Wildstar Wynnona was Best Puppy In Show at the LHDC (Jane Cule), Ch Wildstar Wrobinson was Hound Puppy Group 3 at Bath (Paul Harding), Reserve Best Puppy In Show at WEDA (Jason Hunt), Hound Group 2 at East Of England (Liz Cartlidge) & Best In Show at the Midland DC (Derek Smith) to add to his BOB at Crufts! Roy’s Wildstar Wreeva was Puppy Group 2 at Windsor (Jenny Dove). Helen Geeson’s Abydachs Avada Kedavra was Puppy Group 4 at the City (Mike Gadsby), Best Puppy In Show at the Lancashire & Cheshire DA (Jane Naylor) & Best Puppy In Show at the DC (Jeff Horswell). Lynn Brooks’ Lyndarlea Vienna was Junior Group 2 at Blackpool (David Craig). Zara Boyle’s Zarcrest Black Brewer won the Puppy Group at Belfast (Stuart Milner) & Best Puppy In Show at the Great Joint (Tony Johnson). Helen Walters’ Ch Ralines Flirtini was Reserve Best In Show at the Great Joint under Tony Johnson. Lots of youngsters had some great wins & I’m sure we will hear more from them in 2018. Many congratulations.
Three clubs staged partnership championship shows in 2017. WEDA with Bath, the Midland DC with the Hound Association & the NCDA with Darlington. Most clubs also staged many educational events & many more are planned throughout 2018. With both the Midland & the Southern staging the two major Discover Dogs events it’s also becoming clear that the role of a breed club goes far beyond staging a dog show. Both the DBC & Showdach contain the many dates you need to fill up your 2018 diary!
Congratulations to Gerry McFaul on taking Best In Show at Dublin all breeds Championship Show with his Long Ch Shardaroba’s Fashion Flow At Dachville under Mrs Marie Hogarty. Certainly a great way to end the year!
As we say goodbye to 2017, I’ve just noticed that a clutch of entries are closing, the DC of Wales, Manchester & Crufts are on the horizon. I hope you all had a great Christmas & Santa was good to our four-legged family. It only remains for me to wish you all a very Happy New Year.
Daniel Roberts
01785 664461

Daniel Roberts’ Longhaired Dachshund Breed Notes 21/12/17

December 21, 2017
Everyone you speak to has the opinion that 2017 is a year that has literally flown by & now with just a handful of days in this year left, they seem to be disappearing even quicker. December, for anyone lucky enough to work in retail, can easily be written off for a variety of obvious reasons & I’m sure many other professions have their ‘time of year’.
The early snowfall did take many of us by surprise, followed by the days of extreme minus temperatures & hard frosts. The majority of the UK now seems to be enjoying double figures during the day which makes for a damp, wet environment producing the wonderful aroma of ‘wet dog’. On a positive note, with today (Thursday 21st December) being the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, surely we have now turned the corner & heading in the right direction of Spring!
Last weekend was spent helping set up & run my local Open Show Oakengates & District Canine Society where I’m honored & delighted to be President, a society that I have been involved with from my schoolboy days & remains one of the oldest active canine societies in our local county. Our overall entry was 544 dogs which made for a busy day in some groups. Matthew Oddie (Riowood/Ragus) had attracted a very good entry throughout the Dachshund varieties & his BOB Min Long, Helen Walters’ Ch Ralines Flirtini went onto Hound Group Three under Anne Moore (Romanchi Wires). Matthew has certainly had success in many breeds right at the very top in all breed competition & has been involved with Min Wires & Min Smooths over several years & shows a great interest in all six varieties so it was interesting to see him judging a good quality Dachshund entry, which he tells me he enjoyed immensely.
At Colchester & DCS, Debbie Clarke’s Longs had a good day under Robert Dunning (Anjuskar Italian Greyhounds) with Tekalhaus Million To One ShCM winning the Hound Group & Tekalhaus Diamond Life taking Hound Puppy group Two; a great way to end the showing year.
It appears that the official invitations have now been dispatched to the lucky owners whose Dachshunds have qualified for ‘Dachshund Of The Year 2017’ which will once again be held at the Yew Lodge Hotel, Packington Hill, Kegworth DE74 2DF on Saturday 27th January 2018 with its usual daytime format. Everyone is welcome to attend this great event at a cost of £25 per ticket which includes a buffet lunch. Tickets can be booked online at the Dachshund Club website where you can find all the details. If you have any questions about this fabulous day please e-mail Linda Coverley at The judge for the day is kept a very closely guarded secret as usual. Having attended this event many times both as a spectator & competitor I can only endorse what a great event this is & indeed DOTY 2016 was my Long Ch Swansford Warrador, which was the first time a Long had achieved this award. If you’re struggling for a last minute Christmas Gift, a ticket to this great day could be your answer!
Another event that promises to be a great event is the Midland DC Mentoring & Breed Seminar day on Sunday 7th January 2018 at Calf Heath Village Hall, Straight Mile, Calf Heath, Wolverhampton WV10 7DW. The Breed Standard will be presented & discussed openly by Ruth Lockett-Walters (Ralines) in the morning, followed by a buffet lunch with an open floor mentoring session in the afternoon with some of the UK’s leading Dachshund breeders & exhibitors together with several examples of the different varieties of Dachshund. An opportunity to take the Dachshund Breed Council Standard of Points exam paper is also available. The cost of this informal & relaxed day is just £5 for members which includes lunch with the exam paper optional at an extra cost of £5. I’m delighted to say that many have booked for this already, both newcomers & established Dachshund owners. All the details are on the club website or by contacting the Secretary Daniel Roberts on the numbers below.
Like many of you, I was shocked & saddened to learn of Anne Dunn’s passing. Such a delightful character & friend to so many of us. Anne was one of the ‘elite’ Dachshund breeders that had bred & made up Champions in more than one variety under her Ashridge affix. Anne’s first Champion was the Long Ch Ashridge Tropical Rain who was born in 1988 by Shardaroba Touch Of Sun x Tropical Mist. He gained his qualifying CCs from Roz Rawson (Southern DA 1990), Suzanne Metcalfe (City Of Birmingham 1990) & his title at Bournemouth 1991 under Ken Bullock. This mating was repeated which produced Ch Ashridge Tropical Rain, the first & only Dapple Long to gain her title in the UK & gained her second CC & BOB at Crufts in 1992 under Avril Varley (Murrumbidge Longs from Australia). In Min Longs Ch Ashridge Private Ryan was born in 1999 & quickly gained his title being by Jolival Keegan x Jolival Junglebunny of Ashridge, a half brother & sister mating on Ch Jolival Hesta which of course was bred by Mike & Margaret Hall. In 2002, Anne campaigned Lynn Mack’s Ch Topgem Louisa May JW to her title who was by Ch Cliffmere Acclaim For Ralines x Topgem Kanshan Saphire, who was also all Jolival breeding. Anne’s adventure into Min Wires was through close friend Carole Daykin & in 2008 Ch Barratini Bumble Of Ashridge was born & campaigned by Anne before leaving to live in Australia with close friends, the Bowers family. Through true grit & determination, Anne battled cancer over a number of years but her smile, wicked sense of humour & true friendship never faltered. We will all remember Anne for so many positive reasons that she gave us, but most of all for being a down to earth Dachshund fancier who was never afraid to do her own thing through breeding & judging. While this very sad news is still settling in for many I’m sure we will all be thinking of Anne’s family, all of whom she held so close to her.
With just four days to go until Santa drops by, I would like to send Seasons Greetings to you all & hope the festive period remains safe & healthy for everyone. Next week we will have a review of 2017 for both our varieties before we finally say goodbye to yet another year.
Daniel roberts
01785 664461

Katherine Herrington’s Smooth Dachshund Breed Notes 15/12/17

December 15, 2017
Such a shame the weather was bad for LKA weekend. The same terrible weather has caused havoc for  LKA before; I think it was 1989. The committee worked hard and the show went ahead in spite of the large absentee rate. The weather was not the only reason for absentees as a few of us in min smooths had Kennel Cough.
Min Smooths with CCs were Judged by Andrea Callow (Garthorne) out of a good entry of 117, 67 were absent. Dog CC & BOB Adey Barrett’s Ch Ayseebee Rumour Has It, Res CC Rachel Cumberland & Mum Janice’s Mumysami Clicalicious for Yorami.  Bitch CC, a first for Caroline Reynolds from Ireland Ir Ch Cwmdarhian Makye Diva first time shown in the UK.
Res CC Lena Shutt’s Donnadoon Dreamdust. BPIB Rhian Williams & Chris Moes ‘ Cwmdarhian Prty Lika Rushn.  BVIB  Tina West’s  Archidax Bonneville.
Smooths without CCs, Wendy Starkey was down to Judge these but Wendy had left home but due to the weather conditions had to turn round and go home. Very disappointing for her but at least she stayed safe, therefore Simon Parsons who was Judging the Wires was able to judge theSmooths,, they had had a good entry of 31, unfortunately only 2 dogs to judge. Best dog & BOB Mrs & Miss Maskell’s Clentry Monster Mash at Brownbank sh cm.  Best bitch & BPIB Mrs Fraser’s Clentry Pinky Pie.
I have been notified that the Sausage Army has raised £991 .46 through Calendar sales for our DBC Health Fund ring-fenced for IVDD. Many thanks to all who have bought them.
By now, most of you will have read we have lost another of the greats of Dachshunds in the death of Betty Munt. She bought her first std smooth Dachshund in 1949 & started showing at local shows & later at Ch shows & ran the coaches to shows around the country for many years meeting people in other breeds, enjoying the social side of the dog world there was never a dull moment on these trips, getting a bit tipsy and losing false teeth under the seats to name a few.
Later, Betty  bought two min smooths; a dog & bitch from top breeder Joan Littmoden of the famous Wendlitt Kennel & creating her own affix of Pipersvale (Piper from the dogs name Peter Piper of Wendlitt & vale from Westvale the area of where she lived, she went on to produce a distinctive type in her home bred dogs she was a clever handler & top breeder, nearly all were named after drink names apart from her Chocolate line.
There were a large number of Champions, many of them multiple CC winners from the fifties onwards, but Betty will forever be associated with one dog, in particular, Ch Pipersvale Pina Colada who had an amazing career. Following on from winning quite a few CCs as a puppy to win BIS at Southern Counties; the first ever miniature of any coat to achieve this at a general championship show under the well known Judge Terry Thorn. For a while, he was the top Dachshund CC of all varieties and a leading stud dog, appearing in today’s min smooth pedigrees & still is the breed recorder holder in min smooths, having won 70 CCs.
Over the years, Betty served on many of the Dachshund Club committees, up to the time of her death the President of The Smooth Haired Dachshund Club. She judged in this country and abroad. In 2012, the Dachshund Club presented the first ever Lifetime Achievement  Award and Betty was the first recipient of this award given in recognition of her many years’ contribution to the Dachshund World.
In later years, when not showing, Betty would come to the shows and watch, give advice & welcome newcomers. Many like myself have learned a lot from Betty over the years & succeeded in the dog world with her help & knowledge.  Betty with husband Jeff worked together with the Dachshunds, (Betty being the one in charge) and loved all the dogs whether they had won top awards or not and stayed with her until they passed on. In spite of having many offers of big money to send them abroad, when in the company of them both it was better than watching a comedy sitcom on Television.
Betty was quite a character & forthright Yorkshire lady who said it as it was, very generous to the clubs she served & was a good friend to many. We could spend days reminiscing about stories and tales she has told us from her show days. She  will never be forgotten.
Betty’s funeral will take place at Park Wood Crematorium, Elland, Nr Brighouse, West Yorks, HX5 9HZ on Wed 27th Dec/17 at 11.15am. Refreshments will be served afterward. Any Donations will be for Overgate Hospice. All enquires to Sandra Marshall Tel 01422 367399 or myself Tel 01904 761903.
Katherine Herrington Tel 01904 761903