Breed Conference 2012

The Breed Council’s 2012 Conference took place on Sunday April 22nd at Acton Trussell, near Stafford.  (Photos here)

Conference topics:

  • What you can do to help improve Dachshund health
  • Genetics for Dachshund breeders
  • Eye diseases and epilepsy

Download the speakers’ papers/presentations:

Ian Seath & Roger Sainsbury: Conference introduction

Dr. Ron James, Kennel Club: The role of Judges and Exhibitors in health

Hannah Stephenson, Liverpool University: Genetics for dog breeders

Helen Geeson, Breed Council Health & Welfare Sub-committee: The genetics of Dachshund coats and colours

Philippa Robinson: The KarltonIndex

Claudia Busse, Animal Health Trust: Eye disease in Dachshunds

Elsa Beltran, Animal Health Trust: Understanding canine Epilpesy (including Lafora Disease)

Conference DVD:

The DVD of our 2012 Breed Conference is now available. It contains the following video presentations:

  • Conference Introduction (Ian Seath & Roger Sainsbury)
  • Health Responsibilities of Judges and Exhibitors (Ron James)
  • Genetics for Dog Breeders (Hannah Stephenson)
  • Genetics of Dachshund Coats, Colours and Patterns (Helen Geeson)
  • The KarltonIndex (Philippa Robinson)

Plus, audio soundtracks for:

  • Canine Epilepsy (Elsa Beltran)
  • Canine Eye Diseases (Claudia Busse)

Costs are £6 inc. P&P UK and £10 inc. P& P non-UK.  To pre-order a DVD, please use the Order Form here.