Mentoring Scheme

The Mentoring Scheme has been in existence for a number of years and has recently been revised to provide even more benefit to individuals who choose to be mentored. The scheme is entirely voluntary, however, Mentees who show particular promise will be highlighted on the Breed Council Judging List and are more likely to be asked to judge at Breed Club Open Shows. Mentees are expected to take responsibility for their own learning.

Download the Mentoring Scheme Information Leaflet and Application Form.

Applying to join the Scheme:
  1. Complete an Application Form and send it to the BC Secretary
  2. Secretary sends the Form to the Chair of the Judging/Education Sub-committee who adds the details to a spreadsheet/database
  3. Chair either contacts the applicant or asks one of the Committee to contact the applicant, to discuss their preferences for Mentors
  4. Chair (or Committee member) confirms with the preferred Mentor their willingness to support the applicant
  5. Chair sends a Mentoring Pack to the applicant (content will vary depending on the needs of the applicant) and confirms the Mentor
  6. Applicant makes arrangements with the Mentor to begin the learning process
Developing through the scheme:
We want to encourage participants to get a range of perspectives on the breed and therefore would expect them to make use of 2-3 Mentors during an 18-24 month period.  Mentees would be expected to contact the Chair when they felt ready to find a 2nd or 3rd Mentor.  The Chair, or a Committee member, would help them find that next mentor.  Ideally, the initial mentoring activities will be within the Mentee’s own Dachshund variety (assuming they are not an all-rounder), but subsequent mentoring should include other varieties.
Mentoring consists of ringside sessions watching classes of dogs and discussing their conformation, movement, temperament and breed type. Where possible, Mentors will try and arrange the opportunity to go over dogs after judging to help explain the finer points and extend the knowledge of the Mentee. Mentoring activities would typically not be limited to discussions in a show setting.  Mentees may also wish to:
  • Attend seminars (Breed-specific and KC-required)
  • Visit breeders to look at and discuss litters of puppies
  • Act as Ring Stewards (e.g. alongside their Mentor)
  • Read Breed-specific books and discuss these with their Mentor(s)
  • Write “dummy critiques” based on their ring-side observations and discuss these with their Mentor
Mentors will be asked for feedback on the progress being made by their Mentees (every 6 months) so that the Committee can prepare a summary report for the Breed Council’s meetings. At the end of an agreed period (18-24 months), if the committee was satisfied that the Mentee had fully engaged with the process, a Certificate would be issued to the Mentee by the BC Secretary.

We tailor the scheme to the individual. This, we believe, gives the candidate as balanced a view of the breed as possible, whilst ensuring that by the time they reach the A2 Assessment level they have as much knowledge as possible to enable them, hopefully, to pass the assessments first time round.

We also provide Breed Specific information regarding the Breed Standard, health and welfare implications of the Breed Standard, critique writing, ring procedure and stewarding. These sessions vary from informal, relaxed chats ringside to more formal hands-on sessions if the Mentee particularly wants to understand a specific breed point.

Our Mentors are carefully chosen from our experienced A1 list judges and matched to the Mentee to try and ensure that the Mentee gains experience from people from different varieties and sizes of Dachshund. Feedback from the Mentors is given to the Breed Council to enable the Mentee to be placed onto an A2 Assessment when they are ready. We also ensure that Mentors are not involved in the A2 Assessment for anyone they have mentored to ensure a fair and unbiased opinion can be given.

If you would like to join the Mentoring Scheme either as a Mentor or Mentee, please contact the Breed Council Secretary.