How to teach your dog to stop barking at people and other dogs

Teach the “watch me” game. Decide if you will use a noise (I use “tsk”) or a word. When at home, every so often make the noise or say the word to get your dog’s attention and as soon as you get eye contact reward with a treat. Keep doing it gradually more when he is doing things and gradually wait for longer before rewarding until you can hold his gaze for up to 20-30 seconds before the treat. Do not treat if he breaks your gaze. He has to concentrate on you completely to get it. Once instant, start outside going back to instant reward and gradually increasing the time and distractions. Once you get an instant response with 30 seconds gaze before a treat, take him out to a less distracting place and work from instant reward up to longer increasing distraction value. It really works!

This is to distract dogs who bark at people or things when outside or at the door and is great to distract a dog if it is nervous of anything or anyone.

(Thanks to Shelley Tomsett)

Guest blog post: How to stop your Dachshund barking at the front door.