Should I offer my male dog at stud?

Written by Shelley Tomsett.

Is it worth it?

I would take him to a few shows to get plenty of people’s opinions before thinking about it. There is a lot involved…

  • You will have to learn how to “assist” matings, how to assess if a bitch is ready, be prepared for her to growl at and potentially attack your dog if not ready or just not wanting to be mated.
  • How to check if the pedigrees match.
  • If he or the bitch has anything construction wise that means they shouldn’t be mated together.
  • What a good mouth (set of teeth) is like as bad mouths should not be bred from.
  • How to advise the bitch owner about mating times and possibly help to sell the pups. You are responsible for those pups too.
  • If your dog is an unknown pet it is unlikely to get many matings and may become frustrated having “opened the mind to sex” that he becomes more interested in looking for girls than you. He may run off when off lead if an irresponsible owner has walked an in season bitch. He may howl if there is one in season within a mile of your house. He may start to mark his territory after mating too.

    I would advise taking him to a couple of shows and get him assessed as, unless his looks, temperament and breeding are desirable, it is hardly worth it for a couple of matings at £2-300 which is the most a pet can command as a fee once proven. The first mating is often given free to prove the dog or at least not paid for until pups arrive.

    If you think it’s worth all that go ahead!