Teaching your puppy to walk on a lead

Written by Shelley Tomsett.

I start indoors. Leave lead hanging so she steps on it and learns a tug isn’t too bad. Then pick up lead and call her to you with a treat. Praise her and back away with treat in hand and call again. Keep doing this with the lead loose in your hand. If it goes tight and she pulls against it, drop it.

Start again next day doing the same. When she comes to you and follows you around the room take her in the garden and do the same gradually turning so she is by your side giving treats every few seconds while she keeps moving but spreading them out more as she gets better.

Once she is completely happy in the garden take her out and sit next to the road with her to get used to the traffic. Once she isn’t worried by cars etc start to do the same for only a few minutes up the road and back. When she happily follows you increase time between treats and length of walk but only 5 minutes lead walking per month per day. So 15 minutes at 3 months 20 at 4 etc.

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