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Bella’s Snazzy Fundraiser supports IVDD Screening – thank you!

May 11, 2019

Bella’s Snazzy Fundraiser

Following the very sad loss of Bella, the beautiful 5-year old Red Standard Dachshund belonging to Julie Austin, Chris Lamb wanted to try to raise awareness and money for future generations of the breed.


2Bella IVDD 1.pngBella IVDD 1.png


Chris says:

“Julie has been an inspiration to many, as through social media she has shared Bella’s incredibly brave journey through two surgeries for IVDD. I make hand-crochet Dachshund jumpers and have almost 3k followers on both Facebook and Instagram and decided to offer some of my products as prizes in return for £2 per number. The many Dachshund groups on Facebook were kind enough to allow me to share, which enabled me to reach a very large number of owners. I added a link to the Dachshund Breed Council website to try and direct people there too. I have also now got a page on my own website again with links to the Breed Council and IVDD Information. I feel it’s important to stress that while it’s lovely for some people to dress up their dogs, health is paramount and thought Snazzy Sausage Dog Jumpers was a good platform”.

Thanks to Chris and everyone who supported her to raise over £1000 to support our IVDD Screening Programme.

Chris’s Snazzy Sausage website is here: and you can find her on Facebook.

You can donate to Dachshund Health UK, our registered charity, via PayPal:

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Breed Focus: Dachshunds in issue 5 of Edition Dog Magazine

March 10, 2019

Edition Dog is a relatively new monthly magazine full of in-depth and detailed information written by professionals. Each of the features focuses on dog health and wellbeing. Issue 5 features the Dachshund and has a health article on Intervertebral Disc Disease. Photos of SDA Secretary Wendy Starkey’s Smooth Dachshund Ramsay are in the main feature and there are interviews with Breed Council Chairman Ian Seath and Health Committee Pet Advisor Aimee Thomas.


We are grateful to Edition Dog for including a full-page advert for our Charity, Dachshund Health UK.

DHUK Poster.png


Dachshund Breed Council Annual Health Report for 2018

January 26, 2019

Download our 2018 Health Report here or click the image below.

health report 2018 collage

Have you completed our DachsLife 2018 Breed Survey yet?

September 30, 2018
We’ve already had over 1700 responses to our 2018 survey.
Please submit a report on your Dachshund(s). We’d like to know about healthy dogs as well as those who might have a health problem or those who have died. We’re particularly interested in finding out about dogs that have been diagnosed with cancers.
Complete the survey here

Questions cover:
– Details of your Dachshund
– Any history of, or treatment for, cancers and tumours
– Any other health issues

All responses will be treated as confidential and all results will be presented anonymously.  No owners or dogs will be identifiable from the reports produced.  You do not have to tell us your name, or your dog’s name, if you do not wish to.

Please submit a new form for each additional Dachshund using the link at the end of the survey.

Coming soon - Survey 2018-3

Dachshund Breed Council Annual Health Report 2017

February 1, 2018

Download the full DBC Health Report 2017 (pdf).

DBC Health Report 2017

Dachshund IVDD fundraising at Caldicot Castle 10/9/17

September 11, 2017

More than 200 Dachshunds and 300 of their owners descended on Caldicot Castle near Chepstow on September 10th for a day of fundraising and fun. The day was organised by Charlotte Baldwin who runs the “Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD” support group. Charlotte is one of the Dachshund Breed Council’s Pet Advisors and has already raised over £14000 to provide strollers, wheels and rehabilitation support for Dachshunds affected by back disease.

Despite it being a grey day with occasional downpours, everyone and their dogs participated enthusiastically in the Fun Show Classes and the walk round the castle. With raffles, competitions, cakes and doggie treats, there was plenty to keep people and dogs amused.

The event was being filmed by the BBC for the One Show and their presenter Angellica Bell co-judged the “Waggiest Tail” class with Breed Council Chairman Ian Seath. Angellica said, on her Instagram page, “Met some kind, friendly people as well as lots of adorable dogs“.

Breed Council Health Committee reps Gill Key and Aimée Thomas were also on hand to answer questions about the breed. The team answered questions about how to start showing, diet and body condition, exercise and separation anxiety as well as giving advice on breeding. Ian Seath said “Back Disease is the priority health issue we need to address in the breed and, last November, we introduced a screening programme to help with prevention. In the meantime, support like Charlotte provides is both welcome and necessary given the growing popularity of the breed. Today was a great opportunity for the Breed Council to provide practical advice to Dachshund owners.

The Breed Council has a new Health website at where there is lots of advice on caring for a Dachshund.

A BIG THANK YOU to Charlotte and her team for all their hard work.


Brand new UK Dachshund Health website launched today

September 1, 2017

Today, we have launched our new health website. We’ve refreshed the design to make it easier for you to find important Dachshund health information more quickly.

To start with, many of the pages will link back to our legacy health website but we will gradually update the information and incorporate it into this new site. There is a wealth of information on the old site which we will keep as reference resources and for those people interested in more detail. We want to keep this site user-friendly, clean and simple.

In order to avoid duplicating existing content, particularly our advice on buying and owning a Dachshund, we are also including links to material on our main Breed Council website.

We also have our dedicated IVDD (Back Disease) website which remains the “go to” place for information on IVDD. This new site links to the IVDD one to avoid duplicating information.