Judging Section

For information on the Dachshund Breed Standard please visit our Breed Standard page and read the Health Sub-committee’s article on exaggeration.

Current Judging List:

The latest Dachshund Breed Council Judging List, listing all judges on our A1, A2, A3, B lists can be downloaded from the link below. This excludes addresses. but includes telephone numbers. For a full list, please contact the Judging Sub-committee Chairperson.

2022 Judging List

Applications and amendments for next year’s judging list close on 30th November.  Applications received after the closing date will be processed as received during the year and confirmation given by the Secretary as to whether or not the application is successful and in which category their details will appear on the following year’s list. 

For the current Judging Criteria for the Dachshund Breed Council please click the link here: Judging List Current Criteria

If you wish to apply to go onto the Dachshund Breed Council Judging list please download the form below, complete and either email (katherine.herrington@yahoo.co.uk) or post it to Katherine Herrington 5 Linden Close, Huntington, York YO32 9RQ. All applications will be presented to the Judges Sub-committee for approval and subsequent inclusion on the following year’s list.

DBC CV Form (Word Document)           DBC CV Form (PDF File)

Health and Welfare:

All judges of Dachshunds should take note of the following Kennel Club recommendations: Dachshund Breed Watch.  Miniature Dachshunds are now a Breed Watch Category 2 breed and all judges awarding CCs in the three varieties have to submit a mandatory report, plus a copy of their critique to the KC withing 21 days of their appointment.

The Breed Council’s Health and Welfare Sub-committee has produced a guide for Judges to highlight aspects of health they should be aware of when judging.

The Kennel Club has written to all judges who are approved to award Challenge Certificates to provide them with an update on new initiatives and various rules and regulations in relation to canine health and welfare.

The note covers:

  • Breed Standards
  • Code of Best Practice for Judges
  • Breed Watch
  • Show Regulations

You can download a copy of the note here.

The KC Briefing Note for Judges at Kennel Club Shows can be downloaded here.

Note: Many of these rules apply to ALL judges, not just those awarding CCs.


Judges are required by the Kennel Club to submit a critique to the Dog Press on the dogs they have judged at Championship shows. The Dachshund Breed Council has produced an introductory guide to critique writing to help judges in this important aspect of their appointment. Please click below to download this useful guide.

Critique writing – an introduction

Judges who fail to submit critiques are liable to disciplinary action by the Kennel Club and may have their names removed from our Judging Lists.

Directory of Championship Show Judges:

The Kennel Club has made its Directory of Championship Show Judges available online at http://www.the-kennel-club.org.uk/services/public/judge/.

The information available in the online Directory provides a listing of all judges, together with their preferred contact details and Kennel Club judging ID number as well as the breeds in which they have been previously approved to award Challenge Certificates, Groups and Best in Show, as applicable.

A2 Assessment process:

Read this article for more information on how we use the A2 Assessment process to support the development of the next generation of CC-level judges.  When you meet all our criteria and are ready to submit an A2 Application Form, please read this KC A2 Form JD15 Guidance.

Mentoring Scheme:

We run a Breed Mentoring Scheme which is open to anyone with an interest in Dachshunds.  To find out more visit our Mentoring page.

Dachshund Breed Standard:

Visit our Breed Standard page: UK Dachshund Breed Standard

An introduction to dog showing for beginners.