Breed Standard: Mouth

fig7-10Figure 7: correct “Scissor” bite, with closely fitting top and bottom canine teeth. Any deviation from this is a fault.

Figure 8: incorrect “overshot” jaw which is more common than…

Figure 9: incorrect “undershot” jaw

Figure 10: shows a “pincer” bite where both upper and lower teeth meet exactly edge to edge. This too is incorrect

There should be 22 lower teeth and 20 upper teeth. Number and alignment should both be examined by judges

There should be 6 incisors in each jaw (Faults: missing incisors – typically one missing, but occasionally two missing.  Judges should check these.)

There should be 2 canines in each jaw – 1 on each side

There should be 8 pre-molars in each jaw – 4 on each side (Faults: missing pre-molars)

There should be 4 molars in the upper jaw – 2 on each side – and 6 in the lower jaw – 3 on each side